are the key to a thriving youth.

FREE stories and resources to help change lives.


are the key to a thriving youth.

FREE stories and resources to help change lives.

The Problem

Adolescent substance abuse is America’s #1 health problem.

3 out of 4 adolescents have already used addictive substances. Half of these youth have used addictive substances in the past month. Furthermore, 9 out of 10 addictions begin in the teen years.


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What is Natural High?

We all want our youth to thrive. Natural High does this by protecting youth on the outside and igniting their passions on the inside. By using the resources of Natural High we can protect youth by delaying or prevent drug and alcohol use. We have identified a series of preventative factors, what we call the six principles of Natural High. We teach these through the art of storytelling.

These protective measures include tools for the family, school programs, and community.

Natural High offers easy, effective and fun ways for a community of educators, mentors and parents to deliver these protective measures in a relevant way for today.

“I have taught for 25 years and the Natural High videos are real and reach the kids. The discussions that follow are very powerful.”

Jamie Armin, Health Educator, Tantasqua Regional Junior High, MA

“I have been an intermediate school counselor for 27 years and I’m especially impressed with your product. I have shown it school wide for the past two years. Keep up the great work!!!”

Beverly Heap, Counselor, Rincon Intermediate School, CA

“Natural High has made me realize that I’m not alone, that I’m not the only one who is drug free. It makes me feel more confident when staying away from drugs.”

Dominic, Student